Military Training, Part 1 0
Military Training, Part 1 1
Military Training, Part 1 2
Military Training, Part 1 3
Military Training, Part 1 4

These military bitches are no joke at all. You think you can face them? Believe me, they will teach you humility.

Models: Valentina FetishDoll, Sinteque and their Slave

Double Trouble Trampling & Face Sitting 0
Double Trouble Trampling & Face Sitting 1
Double Trouble Trampling & Face Sitting 2

Slaves lie at our feet and worship us. They love to suffer for us strong, irresistible ladies and surrender to our whims. This foot slave will soon learn what it means to enjoy our full attention...

All the Love / All the Pain 0
All the Love / All the Pain 1
All the Love / All the Pain 2
All the Love / All the Pain 3
All the Love / All the Pain 4

Follow me into a world of light and shadow!

Outfit: Kurage, Tokyo

Make Up & Styling: Sinteque

Photos: Berserker

Playful Nasty Nylon Girls 0
Playful Nasty Nylon Girls 1
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Playful Nasty Nylon Girls 3
Playful Nasty Nylon Girls 4

Girls' night out with Joanne again. It's great to chat with her, read magazines together, try the latest nylon stockings and exchange the best shopping sources. Her devoted foot slave was also on the spot and made himself quite useful. As a human foot-bench he served us over the evening. There is a small thank you attached. He was allowed to absorb the wonderful smell from our pumps and lick our nylon feet after we let him feel our heels.

Latex Passion

7:21 minutesLatex, Mask Fetish, Rubber
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Latex Passion 2

Latex is my passion, my fetish, my absolute favourite! But I am also demanding. My dream outfit has the right mixture of style, elegance and the kinky factor and is neither boring nor overloaded. I still like the classic colours of black and red the most - an explosive choice of colours! Watch how I make my latex shine, play with gasmask and tubes and rub my rubber pussy!

Burlesque Latex Goddess 0
Burlesque Latex Goddess 1
Burlesque Latex Goddess 2

I bet you always wanted to be around for one of my shoots. Here you can take a look behind the scenes and see how we create outstanding photos of this burlesque inspired latex look. I have chosen a classic vintage make up and hair to match. The burlesque accessories are huge green feather fans and while watching the video you will see that I can handle them perfectly. Let the teaze begin!

Wanna see the results of this shooting? Feel free to download the photo set here:


Interrogation Chair, Part 2 0
Interrogation Chair, Part 2 1
Interrogation Chair, Part 2 2
Interrogation Chair, Part 2 3
Interrogation Chair, Part 2 4

Finally the slave is perfectly fixed and prepared. I want to practice some breathing reduction games and control his air supply. I think it's going to be amusing - at least for me.

Interrogation Chair, Part 1  0
Interrogation Chair, Part 1  1
Interrogation Chair, Part 1  2
Interrogation Chair, Part 1  3
Interrogation Chair, Part 1  4

This military bich has a new victim and she will not let it go. first the slave is fixed safely and strictly with ropes. Then he gets a blindfold, which makes him completely blind and robs him of any orientation. Finally we don't want screaming either- a ball gag will solve this problem... Let the games begin!

Yes, Mistress!

32 imagesFemdom, Fetish, Latex
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Yes, Mistress! 4

True dominance comes from a strong character and a sure sense of the human abyss. I think that goes hand in hand with a preference for stylish, elegant clothes that reflect my style - straightforward, noble, feminine, eye-catching and a little bit wicked. Would you disagree with me?

Dress by Brigitte More

Rubber Clinic 2 0
Rubber Clinic 2 1
Rubber Clinic 2 2
Rubber Clinic 2 3
Rubber Clinic 2 4

Our patient seems to enjoy his extreme rubber treatment very much - but not as much as these two hot nurses who also like to have fun with themselves. Check the heartbeat again... oh, it's racing!

Featuring: Valentina Fetish Doll, Sinteque & Slave Zero