Let's get wet! 0
Let's get wet! 1
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Let's get wet! 3
Let's get wet! 4

It's noon, the sun is burning from the sky and I'm finally on vacation! The wonderful blue pool invites to a refreshing bath. Then my sweet Dutch lady comes along, scantily dressed in delicate pink latex stockings and a touch of thong. How inspiring! I'll show her what you can do with a latex bodybag and don't have to do without a cool bath in the pool. Join me for a hot cool down! 

Latex Outfits & Bodybag: HW Design, Vienna

Photos: Berserker

Immerged into Black Shiny Rubber 0
Immerged into Black Shiny Rubber 1
Immerged into Black Shiny Rubber 2
Immerged into Black Shiny Rubber 3
Immerged into Black Shiny Rubber 4

This perfect mannequin is not of this world - not even of our time. A flaw in the system has brought this flawless being into our time and her mission is called beauty. Closely wrapped in latex from head to toe, she searches for the beautiful, the graceful in every creature in every world. Will she find what she is looking for here?

Photos by Berserker

The Simplicity of Life 0
The Simplicity of Life 1
The Simplicity of Life 2
The Simplicity of Life 3
The Simplicity of Life 4

I love summer and where can I enjoy it better than at the pool? Water pearls from my metallic gold latex dress while I splash my feet in the cool water. Gently I float with my air mattress in the water. Life can be so beautiful. My sweet friend Dutch Dame liked this view so much that she spontaneously joined me. Ohlala! ...do you also need a cool down?

Models: Dutch Dame & Sinteque

Photos: Berserker

Outfits: Savage Wear / HW Design Latex

Pink is Kink 0
Pink is Kink 1
Pink is Kink 2
Pink is Kink 3
Pink is Kink 4

What if Barbie was a kinkster? Instead of glittering high heels she would go for sexy patent boots and dress her perfect body in shiny latex! When Ken is out, she loves to play with her kinky girlfriend. She likes it bizarre, is into bondage and heavy rubber...
she can't deny her preference for pink, though. ;)

Photos: Berserker
Models: Psylocke & Sinteque
Outfits: HW Design Latex

Diamonds are forever 0
Diamonds are forever 1
Diamonds are forever 2
Diamonds are forever 3
Diamonds are forever 4

Sparkling rhinestones meet shiny black latex - an irresistibly glamorous combination that attracts all eyes. Light and shadow often lie next to each other. And all the shades in between make our lives so rich and fulfilling. Dive in and enjoy!

Photos: Berserker

Dress: Maniac Latex


Girlz just wanna have fun! 0
Girlz just wanna have fun! 1
Girlz just wanna have fun! 2
Girlz just wanna have fun! 3
Girlz just wanna have fun! 4

The sun is shining from the Balearic sky, it is hot and we have nothing else to do but to have the time of our lives. And where better to do that than at the pool? So snatch up inflatable toys, put on latex aaand....PARTY ON!

Models: Dutch Dame & Sinteque

Photos: Berserker

Masks: Jaded Jewall

Clothing: Hw Design Latex

Kinky Girls Shower Fun 0
Kinky Girls Shower Fun 1
Kinky Girls Shower Fun 2

What could be more refreshing after a kinky day in Heavy Rubber than taking an extensive shower? Mistress Sandra had the same idea and slipped into the shower for sexy water games in twos- how seductive. Come and watch us!

Gas Mask Fantasy 0
Gas Mask Fantasy 1
Gas Mask Fantasy 2
Gas Mask Fantasy 3
Gas Mask Fantasy 4

Go on a little fantasy trip and follow me! What do you see? Two kinky ladies - dressed in shiny heavy rubber from head to toe, the waists tightly laced in an ultra heavy latex corsets. The neck and the head of the lady in red are fixed by a restrictive neck corset with integrated helmet - ready to attach the matching gas mask that completes the full rubber outfit.

Models: Mistress Sandra & Sinteque

Outfits and Masks: HW Design

Photos: Berserker


Leather &  Lace 0
Leather &  Lace 1
Leather &  Lace 2
Leather &  Lace 3
Leather &  Lace 4

Seductively transparent lace meets black leather. Sky high heels, elegant short gloves made of fine leather and real seam nylons complete my look. Exactly my style, exactly my day!

Welcome to the navy! 0
Welcome to the navy! 1
Welcome to the navy! 2
Welcome to the navy! 3
Welcome to the navy! 4

What a great day! Mistress Sandra has recruited us a new ship's mate. This promises a lot of kinky fun. After all, the applicant has to be carefully examined and appraised, because rough customs prevail on the high seas. Is our sailor girl Dutch lady up to the challenges? Find out!

Photos: Berserker

Outfits: HW Design