Stainless Steel Bastille 0
Stainless Steel Bastille 1
Stainless Steel Bastille 2
Stainless Steel Bastille 3
Stainless Steel Bastille 4
Instead of the proverbial golden cage, I prefer the classy shiny, escape-proof steel variant. A sweet little bird already went into my trap ...
Photographer: Berserker

Carrot & Stick

35 Bilder Military
Carrot & Stick 0
Carrot & Stick 1
Carrot & Stick 2
Carrot & Stick 3
Carrot & Stick 4
Electrifying, charismatic, seductive and yet aloof. Women with style know how to play with their charms and thus make dozen men lose their minds. Is it not so? Then try to find the sweet secret behind the strict officer Sinteque!
Outfit: Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker
Caribic Outpost featuring Valentina 0
Caribic Outpost featuring Valentina 1
Caribic Outpost featuring Valentina 2
Caribic Outpost featuring Valentina 3
Caribic Outpost featuring Valentina 4
Caribbean sun, a cool cocktail and the sound of the waves. The outpost doesn't offer much excitement - until a new highly motivated recruit arrives -a welcomed change! Of course I am taking taking a very close look at her, but even the simple binding of a sailor's knot is showing the first educational gaps ... oh my! It looks like we'll have to start with the basics ...
Photographer: Berserker

Military Parade

99 Bilder Military
Military Parade 0
Military Parade 1
Military Parade 2
Military Parade 3
Military Parade 4
The fun is over! Today we will train standing upright, correct salute and executing commands. I have already put on the appropriate outfit ... in the brightly colored RED! My blouse gives some cleavage insight through the transparent latex. But don't let yourself get distracted too much! Disobedience will be severely punished. Your lesson begins now!
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker
Punk Girl vs. Military Bitch 0
Punk Girl vs. Military Bitch 1
Punk Girl vs. Military Bitch 2
Punk Girl vs. Military Bitch 3
Punk Girl vs. Military Bitch 4
Here comes a crazy photo-session that I have shot with my friend Chrissy . We are two absolute opposites that you could see sparks flying. She is the feisty punkish girly and I am the strict, dominant supervisor. It was a lot of fun living out these roles.
We had a sheer endless fill of ideas and accessories that we realized in this shooting and the erotic tension between us heated up the atmosphere even more.
Featuring Chrissy
Photographer: Jörg Böh
My Doll 2 0
My Doll 2 1
My Doll 2 2
My Doll 2 3
My Doll 2 4
After unwrapping my rubber doll I dressed her in some nice clothes. For example a fiery red corset that keeps her very straight. Then some sweet ballerina shoes in which she will learn to stand. In the accessoires I found some arm cuffs in a matching red that I put on her immediately.
To get my puppet activated I used a red vibrator with which I stimulated her latexclad body. In between I called her to do some tube breathing training. I think she has the potential to give me many kinky pleasures.
Maybe I will tease her a little with my newest "little" rubber toy ... ;)
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
My Doll 1 0
My Doll 1 1
My Doll 1 2
My Doll 1 3
My Doll 1 4
Already as a small girl I always wanted to have a puppet that I could do everything I wanted with. To dress her up in nice clothes and to play with her.
Recently as I was pacing through my apartment thinking about how to acquire a willing latex victim the postman rang the bell and had a package from Italy for me. Full of anticipation I removed the black shiny wrapping and revealed Valentina Fetishdoll all in transparent-green latex and red ballerina shoes. Finally the puppet I always wanted. But what to do with her first?
Should I rubberize her with tubes? No wait, there was something else that came with the package. There is a box of sexy accessories ...
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker


54 Bilder Fetish
Tank-Girl 0
Tank-Girl 1
Tank-Girl 2
Tank-Girl 3
Tank-Girl 4
Hey, did I mention that I am a menace to society? That I like inflammable liquids and guns? No?
Well, see for yourself ...
Photographer: Carmelo Burgaretta


45 Bilder Fetish
She-Wolf 0
She-Wolf 1
She-Wolf 2
She-Wolf 3
She-Wolf 4
The military stile becomes me, no?
And I do take prisoners ... ;)
Photographer: Berserker


59 Bilder Fetish
latex-officer 0
latex-officer 1
latex-officer 2
latex-officer 3
latex-officer 4
In autumn of this year I met Roman Kasperski, one of the most famous fetish photographers, for a shooting. I don't want to withhold the results of this cooperation any longer! For one thing you will see me as a sexy officer in a skintight, shiny latex-uniform und for the other in hot lingerie, high-heels and nylons. There should not be any whishes open ...
Photographer: Roman Kasperski