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I have to say I was a little surprised I when the request for this shoot fluttered in my mailbox ... it was to be a photo book on Berlin - so far so good. But what should be my role in it? Moreover, in latex? Quite simply this book about Berlin, the city and its inhabitants from a very intimate and real perspective .... sometimes with a wink, sometimes sentimental or ironic. You can by "Berliner Luft" in bookstores and as well as on Amazon. It is in English and German and I can promise: the € 16.80 is well spent!Photos by Benjamin Tafel + Denis Ore

Passion: RED!

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Today, I will take you into the grand Catonium - the Fetish & SM Club of superlatives in Hamburg. Here, incidentally, the Preparty of the German Fetish Ball 2010 will be held. You can easily get lost in the spacious rooms. The building is huge and an exclusive tour by the owner made me marvel - nothing missing here : a large disco with dance floor, bars and chill out areas, dungeon, sauna, huge sun terrace, themed rooms, and and and ... It was no easy decision. Since I was on the search for a stylish location for my ultra-feminine red outfit, I finally decided for the chillout areas to put it into scene. I have long despised the color RED to be boring ... but in recent months, I newly discovered for myself. It is a signal, incredibly sexy and just right for a femme fatale like me!
Location: Catonium, Hamburg
Photographer: Jörg Böh


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I just love Tatjana's outfits. They flatter the diva in me and have a sexy medley between cyber fashion and evening dress. Here I completely throw a ladylike pose and lasciviously lounge on the white, cool leather sofa.
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Photographer: Thorsten Wichmann

Castle Tales, Part 2

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In today's "Catle Tales - Series" I will take you to the green salon. It is entirely furnished for resting and let your thoughts run free. The old stove radiates warmth and I have discovered the big, comfy chair by the window as my playground! I slither entirely clad in latex on the pillow ... and let my mind wander. Where my imagination takes me, is my little secret, but perhaps you can guess it?
MUA by Christa Durante
Photographer: Wombat
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When Valentina and I meet under the hot Italian it is always a latexplosive mixture. Months in advance I imagine bizarre, rubberized education methods and capricious games, and it can hardly expect when we finally see each. With a huge suitcase full of latex clothing and toys I get on a plane heading south.
This session is all under the theme of the color blue. I wear a strict countess outfit with a latex neck collar. I squeeze Valentina into a blue catsuit and let her play at first with a spiky blue rubber ball. Quickly I put a transparent breath reduction mask over her head and already I'm amused about her desperate attempts to draw breath through the small hole ...
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker

Sinful Decadence 2

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Eye popping colors, sexy glossy pvc Couture, sky high heels and luxurious Wolford stockings unite in a far out erotic scene, dark, surreal! Come on let's play!
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Location: Insomnia Berlin
Photographer: Berserker

Sinful Decadence

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Immerse yourself in a pleasurable fantasy, a frenzy of erotic desires and decadent orgies!
Outfit by Tatjana Warnecke
Location: Insomnia Berlin
Photographer: Berserker

Military Parade

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The fun is over! Today we will train standing upright, correct salute and executing commands. I have already put on the appropriate outfit ... in the brightly colored RED! My blouse gives some cleavage insight through the transparent latex. But don't let yourself get distracted too much! Disobedience will be severely punished. Your lesson begins now!
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker

Blue Experience

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Blue as a color has not been part of my repertoire of fetish-wear so far until I discovered this stunning latex dress. I fell in love immediately with the phenomenal stand-up collar, the seductive cleavage that emphasizes my breasts so perfectly ... and this metallic blue! I think it blends very well with my pale complexion and expresses both my feminine and my dominant side. Perfect!
Photographer: Svende- Catleen Finn

Goth Chick

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Goth Chick 4
Follow me into an unknown world - dark, erotic and fascinating! I will put you under my spell and take you on a journey into my darkest fetish fantasies ... get ready!
Photographer: Berserker