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I come in peace and bring you Kinky Love. With my plump, shiny Space gun I will drive you earthlings into bizarre outfits and to capricious sex practices. Resistance is futile, as always.
Shoes by Jochen Kronier
Photographer: Berserker
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When Valentina and I meet under the hot Italian it is always a latexplosive mixture. Months in advance I imagine bizarre, rubberized education methods and capricious games, and it can hardly expect when we finally see each. With a huge suitcase full of latex clothing and toys I get on a plane heading south.
This session is all under the theme of the color blue. I wear a strict countess outfit with a latex neck collar. I squeeze Valentina into a blue catsuit and let her play at first with a spiky blue rubber ball. Quickly I put a transparent breath reduction mask over her head and already I'm amused about her desperate attempts to draw breath through the small hole ...
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
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Violetta has the same preferences for the bizarre as I do. She loves to snuggle in the thick black latex sheets. To inhale the sweet smell. She had hidden a surprise in a rubber bondage bag in which she normally put her slaves ... two strap on dildoes. We put them on immediately and pampered each other in a 69 position. It is wonderful tingling sensation to play with these sexy male symbols.
Featuring Violetta
Photographer: Berserker
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It is wonderful how many people with strong, extravagant affectations live here in the city. I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Violetta, who with her natural dominance is exactly on my wavelength. We arranged for a small rubber session at her apartment. We slid into the full enclosure catsuits including blow-up tits and transparent masks.
She owns an impressive gyno chair which we immediately engrossed. Fully encased in rubber we quickly got to know each other better and are latex girlfriends by now. This will certainly not be the last session because we have quite some bizarre projects planned.
Featuring Violetta
Photographer: Berserker