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Sweet Bunny GlitterGun visited me recently. A perfect opportunity for a kinky double shoot! Both covered in black latex from head to toe, we soon agreed that something was still missing ... So we forged a small plot and quickly found a willing victim. Ohlala - did my sweet friend Dutch Dame know what she was getting into? Two red heads are hard to handle.

Mistress Deluxe***

46 Bilder Latex
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Mistress Deluxe*** 4

Glossy transparent latex, ultra-high heels and a strict uniform look ... this is the stuff a fetishists dream is made up of. And this photo set has all of this and more! The stylishly yet extravagant "Hairjäger" Hair Extension Salon in Berlin offered the perfect setting for this shoot. Thanks to the guys for this opportunity and a lot of kinky fun with the new photos to all of you!

Photos by Berserker, Outfit by Bondinage

Feastful & elegant Latex 0
Feastful & elegant Latex 1
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Feastful & elegant Latex 3
Feastful & elegant Latex 4
Today there is a new photoset for you! I have covered myself in glamorous latex - in one of my favorite outfits! Especially elegant and feminine is the right mix to start the New Year. Two furry models joined in and bravely placed themselves at my feet ... how cute! My special thanks go out to the guys from the Hairjäger, whose cult hairdesser shop we were allowed to convert into a photoset.

Heavy Rubber Barbie

45 Bilder Latex
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Heavy Rubber Barbie 1
Heavy Rubber Barbie 2
Heavy Rubber Barbie 3
Heavy Rubber Barbie 4
Complete wrapped from head to toe in shiny latex, adding some kinky stiletto boots and alluring pink lips that would even turn Barbie herself green with envy!
Photos by Berserker

Elegant Seductress

29 Bilder Latex
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Elegant Seductress 1
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Elegant Seductress 4
What a beautiful morning - just perfect to take out my new dress. This flamenco style is not just very ladylike, it rather mateches my temper perfectly! Do you find this color combination daring? My too and I am loving it!
Outfit : HW Design

Merry Spanky Xmas!

11 Bilder Fetish
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Merry Spanky Xmas! 1
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Merry Spanky Xmas! 3
Merry Spanky Xmas! 4
Hoho- it is finally Christmas! The celebration of love ... everything shines in warm light, there is smell of delicious pastries and I'm waiting for Santa Claus. I wonder what he has in his bag? Sexy high heels? Shiny Latex? Oh, what ??? A rod? Hold on!
Photographer: Panick Photos

Pure me

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Pure me 1
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Pure me 3
Pure me 4
Very pure, very self, I sometimes need it no more than a touch of latex and high heels!
Outfit: HW Design
Photos by Berserker
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 0
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 1
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 2
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 3
Sheer Nylons & Dangerous Heels, Part I 4
My sweet Valentina invited me to a game of poker and offered her slave as a prize. How tempting! However, I soon realized that she wanted to keep him for herself. I quickly saw through her little tricks and questioned her ... but who could be angry with this charming lady for long?
Outfit: Feisty Cat
Photographer: Berserker
Ultimate Kink, Part I 0
Ultimate Kink, Part I 1
Ultimate Kink, Part I 2
Ultimate Kink, Part I 3
Ultimate Kink, Part I 4
Fine touch transparent latex, which spans my curves like a second skin ... and kinky black latex over it. Stockings, corset, a spiky harness, military cap oh, and my bizarre pussy panties, of which you will see in the second part of the series even more. I won't tell you more just yet.
Photographer: Berserker
Ultimate Kink, Part II 0
Ultimate Kink, Part II 1
Ultimate Kink, Part II 2
Ultimate Kink, Part II 3
Ultimate Kink, Part II 4
Welcome to the bizarre laboratory of Master A, a fellow Dominus from Brlin. The ultra kinky equipped clinic area is a real inspiration for a lover of bizarre games, like me ... Doctor games Deluxe!
Photographer: Berserker