Between the sheets, part 2, 0
Between the sheets, part 2, 1
Between the sheets, part 2, 2
Between the sheets, part 2, 3
Between the sheets, part 2, 4
After I gad finally tied her tightly, I allowed myself a voyeuristic break and looked at her black latex coated, struggling body. With a vibrator and a black dildo, I began to pleasure her. Soon she lustfully sighed beneath her mask. I had been waiting for a pretext to shove a nice, inflatable gag in her beautiful mouth and to keep everything quiet. Then I switched to some heavy duty tools and used the Magic Wand to tease her though her catsuit. Then I took a transparent latex sheet that I always handy and started to rub it against my body. More beautiful than a layer latex are only two layers. I roughly pulled the sheet over the Valentina's head and kissed her latex lips while she excitedly gasped for breath. I could do that all night and feel her lustfully twitching beneath me.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
Rubber Doll Training 2 0
Rubber Doll Training 2 1
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In the second part of our blue session, I kick it up a notch. In her strict inflated enclosure mask I let her breathe through a tube and respirator. Attached to the hose connector are two matching blue rebreather bags, which pulsate rhythmically. The rebreather is not exactly making it easy for her to get oxygen. Already she starts fidgeting, so I had to use blue foil to tie her to the sofa. With several layers this wonderfully sticky material fixes her up and makes her compliant for some more play.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
Rubber Doll Training 1 0
Rubber Doll Training 1 1
Rubber Doll Training 1 2
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Rubber Doll Training 1 4
When Valentina and I meet under the hot Italian it is always a latexplosive mixture. Months in advance I imagine bizarre, rubberized education methods and capricious games, and it can hardly expect when we finally see each. With a huge suitcase full of latex clothing and toys I get on a plane heading south.
This session is all under the theme of the color blue. I wear a strict countess outfit with a latex neck collar. I squeeze Valentina into a blue catsuit and let her play at first with a spiky blue rubber ball. Quickly I put a transparent breath reduction mask over her head and already I'm amused about her desperate attempts to draw breath through the small hole ...
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
Breathtaking Games 2 0
Breathtaking Games 2 1
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Breathtaking Games 2 3
Breathtaking Games 2 4
If two such hot latex girls meet, they don't stop at caressing. We experimented with Valentina's new Rebreather, connected an attachable dildo and enjoyed bizarre breath control games to the fullest. Valentina penetrated her shiny latex pussy while I pampered her nipples and catapulted her into the 7th fetish heaven. I bet this won't leave you cold!
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker