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Two tempting ladies wrapped in shiny red and black latex, kinky boots and ballet tutus - who wouldn't like to play with these two bizarre ballerinas?
Photographer: Berserker

Girls & Shoes

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Who doesn't know the typical female saying: I do not know what to wear! Following that statement will be extensive rummaging in the endless depths of the wardrobe, just to triumphantly emerge, perfectly styled from the dressing room. So far so good. But there is still the choice of the right shoes to be made and it turns out not to be much easier ... as you can see.
Photographer: Berserker

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When Valentina and I meet under the hot Italian it is always a latexplosive mixture. Months in advance I imagine bizarre, rubberized education methods and capricious games, and it can hardly expect when we finally see each. With a huge suitcase full of latex clothing and toys I get on a plane heading south.
This session is all under the theme of the color blue. I wear a strict countess outfit with a latex neck collar. I squeeze Valentina into a blue catsuit and let her play at first with a spiky blue rubber ball. Quickly I put a transparent breath reduction mask over her head and already I'm amused about her desperate attempts to draw breath through the small hole ...
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker
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Already as a small girl I always wanted to have a puppet that I could do everything I wanted with. To dress her up in nice clothes and to play with her.
Recently as I was pacing through my apartment thinking about how to acquire a willing latex victim the postman rang the bell and had a package from Italy for me. Full of anticipation I removed the black shiny wrapping and revealed Valentina Fetishdoll all in transparent-green latex and red ballerina shoes. Finally the puppet I always wanted. But what to do with her first?
Should I rubberize her with tubes? No wait, there was something else that came with the package. There is a box of sexy accessories ...
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker