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Vienna! What a beautiful city. Castles, Mozart and ... Latex. When I visited my wonderful girlfriend Mistress Sandra there last summer, she had, among many other Austrian treats a very special toy for me. A latex vacuum bed complete with a slave. I have always wanted to try what it's like to rubberize someone completely in such a bed. First, we wrapped ourselves completely in dominant black latex, with heavy corsets, masks and high-heels. Then it was time for the toys. But she would not be Mistress Sandra if she did not have an even more wicked idea. Using inflatable ankle supports from the medical field the slave was first fixated and then vacuum sealed in the bed. He could not move an inch and was only able to breathe through the tube. We took advantage of this situation. We cuddled and kissed and with a lot of teasing and denial brought him to despair. Well, if the dominant women are having fun, men have to wait sometimes ...
Clothing by HW Design
Photographer: Berserker