Heavy Rubber Shower I 0
Heavy Rubber Shower I 1
Heavy Rubber Shower I 2
Heavy Rubber Shower I 3
Heavy Rubber Shower I 4
Surely you are not unaware that I am especially fond of wet games ... and this time it will not only get wet but also damn hot! I have assembled together a sexy latex outfit that encases me from head to toe like a rubber doll. What a lustful sight! But that's not enough for me yet. On top of the fine latex mask I am putting on a gas mask with a panoramic window. Now I am ready! Heading under the shower! Aaaah, I feel the warmth of the water through the latex and running over my body - it is phenomenal! In the next update, there is even more kinky shower fun ... and a surprise! Just wait and see.
Photographer: Berserker