Desolate Scene 0
Desolate Scene 1
Desolate Scene 2
Desolate Scene 3
Desolate Scene 4
Abandoned buildings often have a special, mysterious appeal. What has happened here and who has lived here? You can feel the aura of the past. But only silence and nature remained, that is slowly taking back again, what what was stolen. The scene is dominated by of decay and impermanence. This should be the location for a special shoots. We found optimal conditions for this in the former hospital of Beelitz that has been abandoned for several years. The photos were taken only with available light and no additional lighting to capture the unique mood. Oh, and with high heels and latex outfit through all the dirt ... Despite the difficult conditions some very beautiful, emotional pictures were taken - off the mainstream and glamor. Have fun with them!
Outfit by Savage Wear
Photographer: Berserker