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After I gad finally tied her tightly, I allowed myself a voyeuristic break and looked at her black latex coated, struggling body. With a vibrator and a black dildo, I began to pleasure her. Soon she lustfully sighed beneath her mask. I had been waiting for a pretext to shove a nice, inflatable gag in her beautiful mouth and to keep everything quiet. Then I switched to some heavy duty tools and used the Magic Wand to tease her though her catsuit. Then I took a transparent latex sheet that I always handy and started to rub it against my body. More beautiful than a layer latex are only two layers. I roughly pulled the sheet over the Valentina's head and kissed her latex lips while she excitedly gasped for breath. I could do that all night and feel her lustfully twitching beneath me.
Featuring Valentina
Photographer: Berserker