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Shiny Girlz

Dutch Dame

33 images
What a beautiful afternoon - just perfect to spend some time with my sweet Dutch Dame. We have so much in common! Just like myself she absolutely loves latex and especially latex masks. I love to play with her, caress her shiny latex body and let myself get pampered by her ... 

Blue Latex under the blue Sky

Mistress Sandra

61 images
How do I enjoy my summer? ... quite relaxed at the pool and wrapped in kinky latex! Only an air mattress is missing so the bathing fun can begin. But what is that? There is actually a bizarre rubber creature swimming peacefully in the pool, splashing around cheerfully! I will have to take a closer look ... Photos by Berserker, Latex Fashion by HW Design & HMS Latex 

Feastful & elegant Latex

34 images
Today there is a new photoset for you! I have covered myself in glamorous latex - in one of my favorite outfits! Especially elegant and feminine is the right mix to start the New Year. Two furry models joined in and bravely placed themselves at my feet ... how cute! My special thanks go out to the guys from the Hairjäger, whose cult hairdesser shop we were allowed to convert into a photoset. 

Sheer Beauty

30 images
Surprised? Transparent latex can also look like this! I immediately fell in love with this charming dress and the completely new feel. The fine latex caressed my skin like a wisp of nothing- a dream for genuine latex lovers! Enjoy.
Photos by Berserker
Latex Fashion by AmStatic 

Playful Rubber Dollz

Dutch Dame

62 images
Today there is a new kinky update for you with my sweet girlfriend Dutch Dame. She doesn't look that innocent in her white latex dress since it is a little too short, right? A strict corset and whip will punish the little seductress.
Photos by Mew-Chiel
Latex Fashion by HW- Design 

Underwater Love

45 images
Do you know the old legends of beautiful sirens that drove men in droves out of their mind? Many a sailor has plunged into his downfall, beeing enticed by their sensual shiny bodies, flowing hair and irresistible song. Well, how is a man supposed to defend himself against the weapons of a woman?
Outfit : Savage Wear
Photos by Berserker 

Fatally PINK!

Dutch Dame

43 images
It is time, once again to visit my sweet girlfriend Dutch Dame - for doing everything that gals do amongst themselves- chatting, fooling around, teasing each other and having fun! And best of all while wrapped in shiny pink colored latex because big girls like us are more into the fetish version of the pink princesses dress.
Photographer: Me-Chiel
Outfit: HW Design 

Heavy Rubber Barbie

45 images
Complete wrapped from head to toe in shiny latex, adding some kinky stiletto boots and alluring pink lips that would even turn Barbie herself green with envy!
Photos by Berserker 

Elegant Seductress

29 images
What a beautiful morning - just perfect to take out my new dress. This flamenco style is not just very ladylike, it rather mateches my temper perfectly! Do you find this color combination daring? My too and I am loving it!
Outfit : HW Design 


Video : Tropical Pool Slave

Dutch Dame

9:14 minutes

Actually I wanted to enjoy a cool cocktail in the sun, but my somewhat clumsy slave Didi has spilled half of it - and moreover on me! This of course required immediate punishment and I had already had an idea ... To teach her to focus entirely on her mistress, I made her completely helpless and took her orientation - all in the water!

Outfit: HW Design

Rigger: Ropemarks

Video by Ropemarks